In school he was a corporal in "brass band", playing "altrumpet" in junior high and high school 
was a pilot and trained individuals singing choir and received a certificate as the best coach at the age of "21" years old …
Then he joined the Artists Association and was the youngest member of the Syndicate of Syrian artists …
He studied music and singing in the assets of the United Arab Emirates in Abu Dhabi.
Then participated in the Arab (( Super Star )) and got his start and fame, which reached the Arab World, 
Where he left an impression and loving to the masses all over the Arab world..
Recorded his first album in the year of 2004, entitled "layonek mishtag" and made a vido clip 
from the song "ghayeb youmen" then another video clip duet with the Iranian singer "Peyman"
entitled "omri w rouhi" then his third video "keef al nesyan" from his album "bmoot aleke" and was
distributed by Rotana.
His concerts were thrown from the U.S, Europe and the Arab world.
Husaam madaneye has a special voice which he can sing in a different kind of music, from dancing to
slow and romance, and in different languages as well.